Biju Pattanaik College of Hotel Management, Tourism And Social Work

A unit of Biju Pattanaik Computer Academy
Affiliated to UUC & FM University & NCVT Govt of India ISO 9001:2001 certified Institution
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Biju Pattanaik Computer Academy was started in 1998 April 17th commemorating first death anniversary of Late lamented Biju Pattanaik, the legendary personality of India. To cherish the prime dream of the visionary leader, the institution was started with an humble objective to provide higher education in professional studies starting from a small computer academy. We are now proved ourselves as a leading professional institution of our state in Hotel Management ,Tourism, Social work, Journalism and provides all including economically backwards with an affordable fees. It is the only institute of the state which provides vocational training courses for self employment under NCVT, Govt of india with 80 seats.

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Courses offered

Bachelor Degree in Tourism and Hospitality Services (BTHS)

This is a Four year degree programme which provides the students with an academic qualification that is very much attractive to potential employers, the skills and ability to enter the working world and an effective tool that can be applied to a range of career in the hospitality and tourism industry. The students will get regular practical (industry based) exposure during the programme which will result in a complete and perfect product development in an individual who can cater to carve a niche for himself in the tourism and hospitality Industry.

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Master Degree in Tourism and Hospitality Services (MTHS)

This is a two-year Masters Programme that provides the students with an academic qualification which is attractive to potential employers. The specialized training that is imparted will make the students practical-oriented, hence will definitely boost their employability in the future. The students will get day-to-day operational knowledge to help them in their career building path. Master Degree holders are also eligible for employment in hotel, spa, restaurant, leisure and recreational avenues. Besides this, the master degree students are eligible for PHD in the same industry.

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1 Year Diploma in Hotel Management & Catering Technology

The structure of this programme is designed in such a way that the students will cover general studies and practical oriented subjects related to hospitality services. In addition to this, swimming pool, spa, health club discotheque operation training will be given to the students. Personality and communication skill development classes will also be an extra advantage to the students. This will make them world class experts. Internship period is for six months which gives the students an extra mileage to gain industrial exposure as a part of their course curriculum  Read More..

2 Years Diploma in Hotel Management & Catering Technology

This is a programme that is tailor-made to fulfill the aspirations of individuals who want to make headway in the field of travel and tourism management. The students are exposed to the harsh realities of life in terms of day –to-day competition. Travel industry is going through a sea change. The course curriculum is designed to bring in new hope and vision for the budding talents.

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3 Years Diploma in Hotel Management & Catering Technology

This is an eighteen-month certificate programme in food production which provides the students with an academic qualification as well as specialized practical in-depth knowlwdge in Indian, Chinese, Continental and Thai cuisine. Students will get regular practical (industry-based) exposure during this programme. By getting this CCFBP certificate, a student will be recognized in the market by the name of Biju Pattanaik College of Hotel Management, Tourism And Social Work, the one and only ISO certified, biggest oldest brand in the hospitality tourism sector in Odisha.

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The Master of social Work is one of specialized and professional course having high degree of employment opportunities in Govt, /NGO/ INGO & Corporate sectors. Biju pattanaik Collage of social Work is one of the leading and oldest social work College in the state of Odisha having Student intake capacity of (120 Nos.) offering Master in Social Work (MSW) affiliated to Utkal University of Culture.

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Journalism & Mass Communication is a challenging and glamorous profession in 21st kinds of media like television, F.M Radio and Internet etc. This Internet system plays a vital role as it has emerged as a great source of information. Journalism can be broadly divided into Print Journalism, Electronic Journalism and Cyber Journalism. Print Journalism includes reporting for newspaper, magazines etc. that offers various career options like Reporter, Sub-editor, columnist etc. Electronics Journalism

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Secretary/Principal’s Message

Secretary/Principal’s Message
Sri. Kali Prasad

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